Practical Buddhism: One day at a time

The past is already past and the future has not come. Who knows death might come knocking tonight? Who knows a million dollar might come your way soon. Therefore live today preciously and stop our mind from being distracted by the past and future. That is the way of life for a virtuous person.

One way of stopping this bewildered mind is to surrender ourselves and life to the Triple Gems.

That means we have this unshakeable faith that our decision to rely on Buddha, Dharma and Sangha for happiness is absolutely the correct way. As long as we live our life according to the principles of Buddha’s Dharma, we will cteate good karma. Good karma will ultimately lead to happiness.

When we have that kind of conviction, we reduce our worrying and anxiety. We understand that our current life is just a temporary pit stop and we shouldn’t be overly caught up in it. In another word, we surrender ourselves to the Triple Gems and have confidence that life will take care of itself.

That kind of refuge is like finding a strongly built house when being caught in a hailstorm. Once we enter that house, we feel safe and confident. We relax and enjoy the house.

For many jaded Buddhist, that initial feeling of refuge when we first accepted Buddhism is important. We must not loose sight or forget that confidence. That joy of arriving at our safe place. Our refuge. That is why we say refuge prayer everyday.

Its that daily ritual for us to surrender ourselves, reaffirm our decision to take refuge in the Triple Gems. At that moment, our worry and fantasizing drop away. We renew our confidence and we surrender ourselves. It is a rebirth. A magical moment that we choose to revisit everyday. No worries.

Therefore, live everyday, one day at a time. Stop all the complicated thinking and worrying, just surrender ourselves to the Triple Gems and we enjoy peace immediately.

May all be well and happy.

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