A poltergeist’s story

A young coupled got married and had their first baby. As the boy grew up, he began to show interest in knife. He would play with toy knife like any boy of his age. The only difference being his menacing look while playinh. His movement were determined and his stroke appeared calculated to strike the vital organs of an unseen enemy.

No body taught him but he seemed to be practicing how to slit throat and stab at the heart! When asked what he was doing, he replied that he was practicing for revenge!

This little boy caught the attention of his parents and others because his story was fascinating.

He told the adults that he was robbed and murdered. He recounted how he had lingered at the crime scene for years, a little dirt road outside a nearby town. He was waiting for his murderer to pass by, so that he could take revenge. Unfortunately, his murderer did not appear and he waited for years.

The adult checked and found his story true. There was a murder many years ago in that neighbouring town and it was only reported in a small little article in their local newspaper. How could this six year old boy knew a murder before his time and it happened in another town.

His story continued. After years of waiting, he saw an attractive woman one day. She would appear occassionally and waited by that little dirt road for her transportation. Although vengeful, he began to look forward to seeing her.

After a while, a young man would come by too and that attractive woman would accept a ride on his motorcycle. The jealous spirit threw stone at that guy! In spite of hia vengence, jealousy made him follow that attractive woman home.

That attractive woman became his mother when he took rebirth and that young man became his father! Both his parents were speechless when they heard this.

That little boy continued practicing for his revenge until his tenth birthday.. As time goes by, he forgot his story too. He grew up normal and did not become a bad person. There was no revenge.

I read this from Dr. Ian Stevenson’s reincarnation research. I may not remember the details correctly.

Nonetheless, I think this case study is fascinating because it narrates the story of how someone became a ghost and even conducted poltergeist activities out of jealousy.

Then followed his ‘future mother’ and ultimately was reborn as her child. That is some haunting huh?

Such story reflected an interesting perspective about rebirth and spirits. Life is interesting and relationship can be more fascinating than what we could imagine, right?

Hope you enjoy this story.

May all be well and happy.

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