Amitabha, No problem

This chant is inspired by a quote from Master Guang Qin.

He said this at the moment of passing into Parinirvana. The auspicious signs and miraculous events surrounding his funeral, attest to his high realization. This final word before his passing away further demonstrated his humor as he was surrounded by many sad disciples.

It is in Hokkien, a Chinese dialect. The translated verse in English reads:

Without coming, without going

This is no big deal!

Master Guangqin

The first verse alludes to Buddha nature and the second verse assured his disciple so many things in one verse.

If we reference the heart sutra, it can mean a state of fearlessness, free from all unenlightened state of being. If we consider the numerous sad disciples surrounding him, it is a word of comfort and assurance that his moment of passing away is no big deal. If we examine the underlying message, it tells us everything is okay and perfect to begin with!

Just like Buddha, Master Guangqin had announced the date of his parinirvana. Disciples had gathered to see him for the last time and one can imagine the solemn atmosphere where the disciples were sad and awed at the same time.

This great master used a casual phrase that humorously assured his disciple that every thing was okay and it is no big deal.

When we add the mantra of Pureland Buddhism in front of this phrase, the entire chant radiate assurance and hope, peace and comfort.

Therefore I hope you enjoy this chant as much as I do. As usual, the rhythm just come to my mind when I started chanting this. I am chanting in Hokkien!

Here’s the lyrics in Chinese (Hokkien dialect)

南無阿彌陀佛, 無來無去無代誌

Translated into English

Namo Amitabha Buddha, without coming, without going, everything is okay.

Romanized pronunciation

Na Mo Ah Mi Tall Hood

Bo lie Bo Key, Bo die ji

May all be well and happy.

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