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Butterfly pea tea

Butterfly pea

I managed to buy some butterfly pea seed from Chatuchak Market in Bangkok, Thailand last year and one year later, I am rewarded with an endless supply of butterfly pea flowers.

This is a resilient crawler plant that enjoy plenty of sunlights and its flowers are used as a natural food colouring dye in Asia. Besides giving you a nice indigo blue for colouring your food, its flower can also be used to make butterfly pea tea.

Simply harvest the flowers and air dry it under the hot summer Sun and it can keep pretty well in an airtight container. You might be able to buy the dried flowers from Asian grocer. Freshly dried flowers will retain the vibrant colours. Notice the fresh green colours?

To make butterfly pea flower tea, Simply infuse the dried flower in hot water and you will get a magical tea that looks like mana (elixir in fantasy story).

According to pop belief, this tea helps to reduce weight gain, is anti-oxidant and thus good for your complexion. Stress-relieving and promotes hair growth! Isn’t it mana for people who wants to be beautiful?

I like to add some ice to the cooled tea and it becomes a refreshing drink for a hot summer day. For some sweetness, just stir in a bit of honey!

May all be well and happy

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