Seize the day

Time is precious because each one of us has an expiry date. In another word, our life is impermanent. If you find this message gloomy and unpleasant, then there is a chance that you can benefit from it. This is because you are not heedless and ignorant about death.

The message of impermanence is important because it motivates us to get things done. We only have a limited amount of time and that is why some Buddhist shrine has a visual reminder about death. In my case, it is a lovely little skull. Not that I practice the dark mystical arts but because one of the truths of Samsara is impermanence.

Many Buddhist monasteries have evening chanting that includes verses, reminding the monks about impermanence and that is to motivate everyone to practice hard and not waste time. For a laity, we can also take heart to this message and treasure our everyday.

When we live each day with the thought that it may be our last, then we will gradually tune in and appreciate what we experience without too much judgment. In that manner, many things become agreeable and pleasant. Every tree and flower will be beautiful. The things that people say and do will no longer bother us that much.

We learn to live each day as it is. We focus and treasure what we need to do and do it well. Because that may be the last thing we ever do? Might as well appreciate the experience right? Therefore, when we work or study, we treasure the moment and immerse ourselves in our work, study, or practice.

By reminding ourselves about the impermanence of life, we learn to treasure our existence and not to take things in life for granted. When we treasure our every moment and live it to the fullest, we will appreciate every moment and experience a kind of contented happiness.

So instead of feeling gloomy and dejected, you end up having zeal and happiness. That is the wonderful effect from the message of impermanence when we practice mind training. Therefore, it is important to practice.

May all be well and happy.

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