Khaggavisana sutta Part 13

There’s no way that one delighting in company can touch even momentary release.” Heeding the Solar Kinsman’s words, wander alone like a rhinoceros.


Transcending the contortion of views, the sure way attained, the path gained, [realizing:] “Unled by others, I have knowledge arisen,” wander alone like a rhinoceros. As a great white elephant, with massive shoulders, renouncing his herd, lives in the wilds wherever he wants, wander alone like a rhinoceros.

Enlightenment is a waking up and the mind needs to be as pure as it can be. Therefore, we meditate to achieve a one pointed concentration where there is no distractions. After which, we turn inwards to understand that “I”, seeing the truth behind that “I” is the 1st stage of awakening.

Therefore, if we are engrossed with the company of people and the complicated affairs that comes along with socializing, our mind becomes cluttered with various concerns. That is why, serious practitioners renounce their household to practice in solitude.

Naturally, that is not everybody’s cup of tea.

As a householder, we delight in company of friends and family. When we don’t see them, we miss them. When we are too close, sometimes their idiosyncrasy irritate us and we crave for some “alone” moments.

That alone, is our wavering mind going back and forth. That is also a type of concern and stress in our mind. If we understand that, we learn to handle it. We tell ourselves, that is our monkey mind playing tricks again.

Now that we are in Covid-19 lock down, we may experience anxiety from non-contact. We crave for company and that creates stress in ourselves. Instead of craving for what we do not have, why not be happy with what we have. It is a good time to fully indulge in our alone time. Perhaps get to know ourselves better.

Buddha’s enlightenment is not caused by education received from others. Nor is it an amalgamation of philosophical views expounded by others. When we are unenlightened, we wonder how we will know whether we are enlightened.

That is like asking how do we know if we are awaken or still dreaming? When we have that question, it simply means we are still embroiled in ignorance.

The Buddhist enlightenment is unmistakable.

May all be well and happy

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