Khaggavisana sutta Part 10

We praise companionship — yes! Those on a par, or better, should be chosen as friends. If they’re not to be found, living faultlessly, wander alone like a rhinoceros.


Seeing radiant bracelets of gold, well-made by a smith, clinking, clashing, two on an arm, wander alone like a rhinoceros, [thinking:] “In the same way, if I were to live with another, there would be careless talk or abusive.” Seeing this future danger, wander alone like a rhinoceros.

Continue from previous post, this verse although meant for encouraging monks to focus their energy on meditation practice instead of socializing, has become relevant for us (laity) today as many of us are advised to work from home.

With the Covid-19 virus on full rampage, many countries are in lock down mode. We are told to stay home and avoid socializing. Perhaps this verses in the sutta can inspire those working at home to stay focus.

When we work from home, one of the major distraction is social media. We see an interesting article or opinion on Covid-19, share it , receive comments and likes, we respond. Before we know it, 15 minutes have lapsed.

Someone left a nasty remark, we become unsettled and agitated. we lose focus on our emails.

Well, The Buddha says limit your exposure. Just like two bracelet coming together and making lots of sound, if we go to the social media and communicate with others, we produce distraction for ourselves. Turn off the auto alert. Let it go to have a productive day.

Wander along like a rhinoceros.

Our true friend need not be many and when they have anything urgent to tell us, they will call or text us directly. Leave behind the chatter and focus on our work.

May all be well and happy.

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