Buddhist thinking

We have heard so much about positive thinking. What about Buddhist thinking? Based on Buddhist belief, how does Buddhist think?


This message is imprinted in the mind of Buddhist. For the ignorant, this message is sad and pessimistic, but to a Buddhist, impermanence presents an opportunity for becoming better.

No matter how bad our situation is, we just need to remind ourselves that it is impermanence.

If we are having a great time, impermanence remind us not to take it for granted.


We are what we are today because of what we did in the past. In Buddhism our past includes limitless lifetimes before our current existence.

This message is not meant self blaming or conceited. Instead it is a message of responsibility. We are what we make ourselves to be. No blaming of others, including the gods.

Our every current action becomes karma for our future. What we did in the past had already happened. It is what we choose to do now that shape our future.

Therefore, the message of karma teaches us to accept our karma from our past and proactively create good future ones.

Karma is not fate. Buddhist does not believe in fate and is not resigned to fate. Our every decisions today will shape our future.

One family

Buddhist believes that thier past lives and existence is countless. That means we could have been families in our previous existence. The only problem is that we cannot remember each other.

If everyone is family, shouldn’t we help each other and be nice?

We could be of any colour, race, ethnic, religion, sexual orientation in our previous existence. And when this life ends and we are reborn, we can be anyone too. Don’t be too quick in judging others.

Buddha nature

Put simply, it means everyone of us has a potential to become Buddha, the epitome of existence.

A being that is free of craving, hatred and ignorance.

Remember how we felt as a kid? We desperately wanted to grow up and become adult? A mind that is full of hope and forward looking?

Guess what? Buddhist have that state of mind all the time. We wish to grow up and become Buddha.

May all be well and happy.

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