Khaggavisana sutta Part 8

Without resistance in all four directions, content with whatever you get, enduring troubles with no dismay, wander alone like a rhinoceros.

They are hard to please, some of those gone forth (monastic communities), as well as those living the household life. Shedding concern for these offspring of others, wander alone like a rhinoceros.


This part of the sutta reminded me about unshakable peace.

“Without resistance in all four directions” I think this means not resisting any situations or circumstances or people that comes our way. A state of mind that is without fear and embraces all.

The following advise says it all “content with whatever you get, enduring troubles with no dismay”

That is our frame of mind when we believe in karma. Whatever we did in our past, whether good or bad karma, the result will be experienced by us.

When we receive something good, we should be contented. No point complaining that it is too little. This is because we did not do enough good karma previously. That is why good stuff that comes our way, comes in a trickle.

When bad situations arises, we accept it calmly and do not be dismayed. Again it is due to bad karma we committed in our past. Without dismay means that we are not resigned to bad situations. Instead, it simply means keep calm and carry on. Live positively and create good karma now, so that our future will become better.

With a composed attitude in life, we walk our way with calmness and wisdom.

The next paragraph basically tells us to remain unshakeable by people. Be they monastic communities or laity, people are demanding and hard to please.

Therefore, don’t bother pleasing others. Eventhough the Buddha is perfected and enlightened, people still find faults with him.

This is because the perception of unenlightened people is tainted by the 3 poisons. Thus, a clover because imperfect because it does not have 4 leaves.

From the above, I am reminded of an attitude in life. We mind our own business, living our life in accordance to Dharma, not affected by social situations.

May all be well and happy.

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