Rebirth and Suicide

Somebody asked, “Since we are reborn again after death, can I re-start my life? My current life is not satisfactory and I am wondering if I can re-start it by suicide. You know? Just like playing computer game, re-start the game….?”

According to what I was taught, suicide does not re-set the challenges in life, it only makes it worse in the next life.

Our current challenges in life is due to our bad karma. In another word, we are experiencing the results of unwholesome actions that we have committed in our previous lives. Death does not get rid of bad Karma. Bad results from bad karma will only cease when the bad karma is exhausted. Therefore, bad Karma does not cease or stop or go away when one commit suicide. Instead, it will continue in the next life and Suicide will only add more bad karma to the existing one.

In another word, suicide increase the difficulties level of the game in the next life.

Suicide will only create a new set of bad Karma. An extremely bad one. Suicide is an extreme violence that we choose to inflict upon our being. That violence will be imprinted into the mind and be carried over many many lifetimes.

A wiser way of tackling a challenging life is to create fresh positive karma. If the positive results from our positive actions manifest in this life, we get some sweet moments in this very life. That may make our suffering more bearable. Like small little break.

The best positive action is to practice the Dharma so that we attain enlightenment. When we see the ultimate Truth, external challenges, (including the state of our health) no longer sway our mind and happiness.

Buddhist Practices such as focused chanting or meditation therefore creates tons of good karma. It is free and can be done anywhere.

In addition to that, one can seek help from others. Try to listen to opinion of others. Perhaps they can offer some advices or help that may solve the problems that we feel stuck with.

In short, suicide is not an answer to problems in life

Suicide is similar to pouring fuel to fire when we are trying to put out the fire. It only makes it worse. Therefore, Buddhism does not encourage suicide. It is not the solution to challenges in life.

May all be well and happy.

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