My little zen corner

The burst of colours in springtime Japan inspired me to bring some colours home.

Instead of longing for Sakura and other flowers that will never ever bloom in tropical country, I decided to recreate the magic of colours using tropical plants.

Here is the result of my effort

For this project, I place a smaller pot inside a larger one. By placing a brick in the larger pot and then putting the smaller pot on the brick, I managed to create a tier.

To create a 3rd tier for the Buddha Statue, I did the same thing in the smaller pot.

After filling the pots with top soil (half filled) the only thing left to be done is to shop for little plants of different colours and shade!

Arrange the plants according to preference, I inserted the plants into the empty spaces to fill up the pots.

It is important to have plants of different height and sizes to make the mini garden a visual treats.

If you include a Buddha statue like what I did, then it is important to be respectful to the image of Buddha.

This is because He represents the epitome of perfections in mankind.

In my instance, the statue is a centre piece and the plants and flowers are like offerings. Hope this zen garden will inspire my meditation in the balcony!

Last but not least, remember not to place objects such as laundry or other things of irrelevance etc over the Buddha statue (if you ever place a Buddha statue at home.)

This is because we want to create a positive mental position where we held the Buddha and His principle in respect.

That way, our mind will stay humbled towards Buddha Dharma and will have room for improvements.

May all be well and happy.

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