Enoshima- Ryukoji

Enoshima during golden week 2019 is EPIC CROWDED.

Before heading to the tourist packed island of Enoshima, I visited Ryukoji, a temple that belong to Nichiren school.(on the main island). I think this is the 1st time I am visiting a Nichiren temple in Japan.

The temple ground is tranquil and I got to ring a temple bell! Yeah!

In Japan, if they put a donation box at the bell, it ususlly means you can make a wish or pray, donate some money, then ring the bell.

Some monastery do not allow this and their bell cannot be accessed.

Legend has it, Nichiren was supposed to be executed here but a timely miracle occurred to save his life. Consequently a temple was built on this former execution square to commemorate the event.

A devotee was having his car blessed by a nichiren monk and the chanting is beautiful.

I recognised ‘Namyo horengekyo’ being chanted. I used to chant that when I was a kid and it brought a sense of familiarity. The monk’s ceremonial robe is beautiful too. Fully white with gold threaded embroidery of lotuses.

Within the temple ground is an Indian style stupa enahrining Buddha’s relic. Perhaps I was influenced by the blessing ceremony earlier, but I kept hearing the Namyo horengekyo chant in my head. The Tyne is solemn but beautiful.

After circumambulating Buddha stupa, I decided to proceed to Enoshima island.

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