Samurai Town – Kakunodate

It’s time to leave Aomori. The Golden Week holidays are fast approaching and it is time to travel towards Tokyo. The plan is to stay in Tokyo while Japanese Holidays Makers supposedly travel out of Tokyo. That was the advice on the internet and I hope it works well.

We are staying the night in Morioka, Iwate but will be visiting the ancient Samurai Town- Kakunodate, Akita as a day trip. Travel is going to be insane today but let’s face the challenge! Leaving Aomori at 5:41, I should reach Morioka by 7:09am

That gives me time to leave my luggage at the hotel and catch the train to Kakunodate at 7:58.

An alternative to this, is to send the bulk of my luggage a few days in advance via the local courier service. That would save me an 1 hour. I decided, I can do away with that 1 hour extra sleep. Aomori is quiet at night and I had plenty of rest the night before.

Rain was forecasted for the day. No rain at the start. Yeah!

2 rows of Sakura trees along the river bank create a sakura “Tunnel” with their branches.

Kakunodate is fascinating with all the Buildings from olden days. You get a change to explore the homes of Samurai! Many were converted into museum or restaurants.

Rain rain go away….
The forecasted rain came!

After a day in Kakunodate, it is time to return to Morioka. Another fascinating place touched by the westernization period.

A lone Sakura Tree had become a symbol of this city because it grew out of a huge boulder.Over the course of time, the graceful and beautiful tree manage to split the huge boulder in half! Who says grace cannot overcome brute?

Boulder splitting tree

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