Letting go is not losing interest.

Many of us have heard about the advice to let it go.

In buddhism, we talk about this all the time. Many a time, we explain that life is impermanent or we explain that life is an illusion. Empty of self nature. Then we advice people to let go.

One common mistake is to believe that this leads to a lost of interest in life.

Buddhist do not sit around sulking at the sky.

One of the Buddhist tradition that emphasize the idea of emptiness in their practice, is Zen Buddhism.

However, Zen brings us one of the most fascinating art form that embraces this very concept of emptiness.

Beauty can be found and is found in every little pebble and every fallen leaf.

If there is a lost of interest in life, how can the inanimate and the fallen branch be brought into grace and beauty?

Enlightened Thai masters living in the forest with the most basic necessity developed a disciplined approach to their living necessity. From their umbrella to their alms bowl, everything is set neatly and mindfully. If you happened to chanced upon their Kuti in the forest, it shout mindfulness and grace.

It definitely does not looked like someone who lost interest in life.

Enlightened masters in Vajrayana traditions continue to hold elaborate rituals with much color and sound, delighting many beings. There is no lost of interest in life.

Shakyamuni Buddha continue to live a brilliant existence after His enlightenment too. It is so disciplined and awe inspiring that we still aspire to attain that level today.

Therefore, the success of letting go is not measured by our ability to lose interest in life or even society.

When Buddhism talks about letting go, we must know what we are letting go.

We let go of our attachment and live at ease.

See the above? It’s just “useless” pebble, stone, moss and tree. Yet the beauty is priceless…..

Got it?

May all be well and happy.

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