How does Buddhist emptiness benefit us in life?

The simple answer to this question is; “It helps us care less while living at ease and responsibly.”

The anxiety in life are driven largely by our attachment to the pleasant and adversion to the unpleasant. The fundamental cause of this, is because we believe in a permanent and solid self / existence.

What if someone tell us that this life is really a dream. We are not who we believe we are. All the ups and downs in life is just an illusionary dream. This dream will end in another 24 hours. Enjoy the remaining part of your dream. If you believe this message, would you then try “enjoy” the ups and downs in life? Learn to take a back seat and not be too caught up in it? Enjoying What Comes May.

You may even start to re-priorities this dream. Instead of being trapped in a vicious work cycle, you may decide to spend more times with love ones. Be more at home when you are home. That may ultimately mean resigning from your demanding job, but you know what? You no longer care that much! The “reality” of life had become less solid. So you bravely try to do something new. Settling for a simpler lifestyle.

Alternatively, that may also mean, you bravely try start-up a new business. You are not so afraid that your new venture may fail. Why? Because it’s just a dream.

Then perhaps, your business may be a success and you become rich beyond your expectation. But guess what? You freely donate all to charity because it is just a dream!

However, Buddhist’s view of emptiness doesn’t mean that there is nothing after the dream. As long as we do not wake up, there will be another dream. While we are in the dream, our every decision will lead to some new situations in this dream or the next.

In this manner, we “enjoy” our dream. Both the ups and downs. However, the ultimate goal is to wakeup. Because, as long as we are in the dream, what we do is just like building things out of bubbles.

Once we appreciate the emptiness aspect of our current existence. Anxiety will lessen. The opinions of others will affect us lesser. Our craving and desire will lessen. Our adversion and hatred will lesson. Because, why take it so seriously,since it is just a dream.

A person with wisdom will recognise the significance of the message. They will likely conclude that, endless dreaming is bothersome. I want to wake up. I want to see my True Form.

For a start, you may choose to believe and keep reminding yourself that this is a dream. However, you can’t wake up until you realise that you are just a dream……. That’s why we need to practice. A practice that leads to waking up.

Sharing what I heard in a dharma talk about emptiness. Hope I nailed the topic in this short post. May you be well and happy, living at ease and beautifully.

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