Pet dog reborn

Some of us love our doggy so much that we treat them like our children and in China or Taiwan, they are fondly referred to as fur kids.

This story was narrated by a Ms Wang. She had a pet dog named Renault since her college days and she loved it very much.

Renault witnessed her graduation, first love, marriage and 1st matrimonial home. Like most of us, our pet is there throughout the various milestones in life. Always by our side, no matter if its a happy or sad moment.

Naturally, that creates a strong bond or attachment for both the owner and the pet. Renault passed away at 11 and was buried in Ms Wang’s backyard and a tombstone was set upon Renault’s grave.

That was her way of remembering her precious fur kid. Coincidentally, Ms Wang became pregnant shortly after Renault’s death.

What was more shocking is that her newborn baby had the same birth mark as Renault! Both of them had the same marking on the left hand. A few months before Renault passed away, it kept licking its left paw. It was so insistent that the fur fell away to reveal a birthmark that was concealed underneath its thick fur. Something that Ms wang wasn’t aware about until then.

When Ms. Wang saw the same birth mark on her new born baby, she became convinced that Renault had been reborn as her son and she had a teary reunion with her fur kid.

Hope they hear the Dharma one day.

May all be well and happy.

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