Dreams of a great being

Dreams before enlightenment.

It is recorded that, on the night before Enlightenment, Bodhisattva Siddhartha had five dreams consecutively. From this simple record in the scriptures, we know that rest is important yah? We need to rest to be our best! Furthermore, there can be greater significance to our dreams as we sleep.

Siddhartha had 5 dreams consecutively and woke up just before dawn. These would be His last dream; as it is said that, a fully enlightened being (Buddha and Arhants) no longer dreams.

  1. He dreamt that he was lying down and his body covered a vast area. The Himalaya mountain was his pillow, His left hand on the Eastern Ocean and His right hand on the Western Ocean. Both his legs on the southern ocean. This 1st dream foretold that the Buddha will awaken to Enlightenment and realise Omniscience.
  2. He dreamt that a Tiriya grass grew from his navel. It grew so tall that it touches the sky and beyond. This dream foretold that Buddha will be teaching the middle way and His teachings will be available to humans and devas (heaven beings).
  3. He dreamt that maggots with white bodies and black heads covered his legs up to his kneecap. This dream foretold that the Buddha will have many pure people who adore Him and will be His disciples.
  4. He dreamt that 4 kinds of birds (Blue, golden, red and grey) flew from 4 directions towards him. They rested at his feet and prostrate themselves and all of them changed into white colour. This dream foretold that people of different classes and vocations will flock to him and accept his teachings. They will successfully succeed in their spiritual quest.
  5. He dreamt that he was walking to and fro on a large mountain of filth and excreta without being stained or besmeared by the filth and excreta. This foretold the Buddha being able to received many abundance of offerings and he will be capable of utilising them without any attachment.

Another popular story of a prophetic dream relates to Queen Maya (Buddha’s birth mother)

It is a commonly told story that Queen Maya, the birth mother of Buddha was barren for a long time. However, she had a strange dream of a white elephant entering her body one night. The royal astrologer interpreted that dream as auspicious and predicted that Queen Maya would soon be the mother of a great being. Queen Maya’s pregnancy was confirmed shortly thereafter.

The stories in Buddhism seem to suggest that dreams play a certain role in our life. So, what are dreams and how do we deal with dreams? Stay tune for the next post. Meanwhile, sweet dreams!

May all be well and happy!

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