Sex in Bodhi-city – part 3

 Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual

Buddha never condemn a person as unworthy for enlightenment simply because of their sexuality.

If Angulimala ( a serial Killer) can become enlightened, I don’t think intimate moments done mostly within the privacy of people’s bedroom justify condemnation by heterosexual Buddhist.

I think, ultimately we need to understand that Buddhism is unlike other religion and it is this uniqueness that makes it precious amongst a world of chaotic ignorance.

Foremost, Buddhism does not view sex as a divine design reserved for procreation only. We recognize that sex can also be recreational or sex can fulfill one’s emotional or psychological needs.

Thus, contraceptive is perfectly alright and we do not deem it sinful to avoid pregnancy. Equally fine, is being celibate or being non-productive in breeding.

This means that Buddhism do not hold views that homosexuals are unnatural, not “productive” or sinful.

Is Homosexual act a misconduct?

Okay, Buddha did not spend an entire day teaching his lay followers on what kind of sex is appropriate or inappropriate. If he did, He would have to talk about dildo and BDSM, wouldn’t he? Given our creativity in sex, that would be a lengthy sutra right? (By the way Kama sutra is not Buddhist.)

Although Buddha did not talk about sex in details for the laity, it doesn’t mean Buddha is ignorant. We should remember that He is the all-enlightened One? Also, the scriptures did mention same sex attractions. Thus, we can be certain homosexuals already existed during Buddha’s time. I guess the reason why homosexuality is not being singled out in Buddhism is because, it is no big deal?

Having said that, Buddha was rather specific about sexual conducts when it concerns the monastic communities; Various sexual practices, including anal or oral sex had been specifically prohibited for the monks and nuns. It is so specific that masturbation was also mentioned and prohibited.

While the prohibitions are precise in the monastic code, Buddha was silent about sex for the laity. He only tells us to practice sex responsibly and not cause sufferings for ourselves and others while we are at it. In short, refrain from sexual misconduct.

In conclusion, Buddhist should not mix up non-buddhist values and principles with Buddhism. Just because other religions or cultures condemn homosexuality, it doesn’t mean Buddhist should do the same. By refusing to do so, we are demonstrating the wisdom and compassion of Buddha.

May all be well and happy.

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