Fairness in the heart

A teaching by a Thai monk.

It seems like a simple lesson but can be so much more.

I really enjoy this type of message from meditation master. Reflecting it in our mind, we examine ourselves.

Before we get caught up in religious jargons and philosophical musing, such simple message returns us to our base.

Before we become Buddha, are we even good people in the here and now?

Being fair to everyone.

Are we fair to all people? Do we favour some and accord them special treatment and privileges? We tend to enjoy spending time with those we like and avoid those we detest. I am guilty of avoid people whom I cannot manage. Especially at work.

Do we discriminate and treat some people shabbily?

The equality that we treat people reflects our heart.

Are we fair in our dealings?

Do we take advantage of others? When people are being simple and nice, do we make use of that situation and exploit their kindness?

I think fairness in our heart doesn’t mean that we play judge. Instead it is a practice of equanimity in our daily encounters.

We tend to be driven by our habitual self. Influenced by our preferences and aversion.

Do we treat our family and love ones with the same patient and courtesy we accord a a stranger? Or we discriminate and learn to take them for granted?

Do we treat the janitor with equal respect as our bosses?

When we go to work, do we try to be fair to the bosses and the system? Or do we try to be “smart” and cut corners?

When I examine myself thus, I know that I am far from perfection. This self-reflection is like a multi-faced diamond. I just found it very refreshing to be grounded in this manner.

Hope you enjoy this mirror. Have fun reflecting. May you be well and happy

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