Mount Emei

Mount Emei (pronounced as Er May) is a Buddhist sacred mountain in China, Sichuan province.

This holy site is dedicated to the Bodhisattva Samantabhadra (普贤菩萨) in Chinese Mahayana Buddhism. Samantabhadra means universal virtue and here’s a wiki link to more info.

Mt Ermei is well developed for tourism and is relatively easy to access with cable car to take you to the summit. There are hot springs there too and you can probably stay a day or two to experience her magic. Check out the web link for more info.

Here’s some pictures of my impression of Mt Ermei.

I particularly remember this mountain for its rolling fog/cloud and mysterious woods. The peak is so high that you are above cloud level. That means the Giant Statue of Samantabhadra may play peek-a-boo with you. One moment it is there and the next, only dense fog/cloud is visible.

At the top of the mountain is a giant magnificent statue of the Samantabhadra that is Gold in color. It catches the sun perfectly during Sunrise and sunset. The summit is also named Golden top. However, catching the perfect ray maybe fickle because of the unpredictable cloud and fog there.

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There is a Golden hall and a silver hall for worship and prayers.

Me being me, decided to do Pali chanting instead of Chinese, inside the hall when I thought no one was around. Great accoustic.

As I was chanting the refuge prayer, a chinese monk walked past and stopped to listen. After I completed my chanting, he nodded his head slightly and walked away. That experience will always be in my mind.

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