Ant Nest Gone Away. Sorry

I decided to change a location for meditation today. I thought the balcony with all the plants and fesh air would be a good change.

As usual, it is a battle with my monkey mind with glimpse of tranquility.

30 minutes had passed and I gave up.

opened my eyes and slowly became aware of the now.

Legs completely numb.

Then I felt ticklish on my face and eyes and hair.

Brought my hands up to explore.


Leg numb couldn’t move.

look in front of me and there is a trail of ants leading towards me!

Big ones, small ones, some with huge fangs and some with huge head. Immigration!?

Forced myself to stand up .

Jumping up and down like a monkey.

So much for an afternoon meditation and compassion gone out of the window,

Nope, they cannot have my body yet.

The outdoor is too wild for me.

How do those forest monks meditate in the forest I wonder?

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