Autumn Japan Day 11

It’s shopping and eating in Osaka. The glitzy and noisy and quirky Osaka dotonbori shopping street.

It’s like a huge carnival.

I visited the America Mura side of dotonbori. Had takoyaki at this stall.

Just opposite the small triangle park in America mura.

Egg and mayo. Piping hot takoyaki eaten in the cold autumn breeze is best.

Then lunch at Egg n Things. I like the pancakes because the sweetness had been adjusted to the Japanese tastebuds (I think) not too sweet or too heavy.

Then I wandered to Kuromon Ichiba Market.

Couldn’t resist the BBQ scallop when I saw a queue forming.

This area has very fresh and reasonably priced seafood. Some stores even offer to cook your seafood purchases.

Autumn colors

The gingko alley has not turned completely yellow yet.

And right in the dontonburi is a small but unique temple.

The statue of acala had been completely covered in moss due to the constant water being poured on the statue as an act of offering. Imagine the number of worshipper needed to keep the stone statue constantly wet.

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