Amitabha Buddha

This is a Pure Land Practice in Buddhism.  I am sharing my version of chanting Amitabha’s name in Sanskrit.

Here’s link to one of the pure land practice website

The Buddhist in Japan and China chant the name of this Buddha for protection in this life and the afterlife.

It is recorded in the sutra that if we do good in life and constantly recite / chant the name of Amitabha Buddha, then when we die, Amitabha Buddha will appear and lead us to his Pureland. This pureland is named Western Paradise and we remain there until we attained Enlightenment. Whilst we are there, we have the guidance of Buddha and Bodhisattva for our mental development. Sound cool right?

Like other chants, this is also a tool for mental development. Great contemporary master Guang Qin is able to attained very high level of realisation by just depending on this chanting.

Here’s more link . The photo is a reported miracle. Someone took a picture of the moon during the funeral service of master Guang Qin and upon development, it turn out to look like a lotus.

Because this chanting method is easy to practice and guarantee the Buddhist a good afterlife follow up care service by Amitabha Buddha, it is highly popular in countries like Japan, China and Taiwan.

The following version of chanting was started by a mystic monk from China. He was so respectable that people start addressing him as living Buddha.

The chant is “Who is Chanting Amitabha Buddha, the real living Buddha is Tathagatha”

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