Buddha Tooth Relic Temple and Museum

This is a Chinese Mahayana Temple in Singapore. Check out their website

The temple architecture and interior are inspired by the grandeur of the Tang Dynasty, China. Very exquisite statues and detailing in the shrine hall. You can take photos. This temple is relatively new, but the artefacts exhibited in the museum showcase the rich history of Buddhist art from different part of Asia.

The main highlights are the holy relics that are enshrined within this temple. Having the chance to look at these precious relics are very inspiring for a Buddhist because they represents the physical form of past enlightened masters.

The 3rd storey houses the Holy tooth relic of Buddha and there are meditation platforms for you to meditate. You get to do meditation in the presence of the Buddha’s relic. A physical reminder of his existence while you do meditation. Cool right?

There is a large prayer wheel on the rooftop, remember to visit and have fun turning this gigantic prayer wheel (remember to turn it in clock wise direction)

After visiting this temple, be sure to explore the surrounding Chinatown of Singapore.

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