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19th of June (lunar calendar) is the enlightenment day of Avalokiteshvara and it falls on the 28th of July in 2021!

Avalokiteshvara represents the compassion of Buddha and according to chapter 25 of the lotus sutra, he can transform himself into various forms.

In Tibetan Buddhism, Avalokiteshvara is popularly worshipped in the form of 4 arm Chenrezig.

His four arms represents the 4 immeasurable thoughts of Loving Kindness, Compassion, Appreciative Joy and Equanimity.

The two folded hand at his chest hold a wish fulfilling Gem, representing the Bodhisattva ability to help all who calls to Him.

His left hand holds a lotus flower, symbolizing enlightenment and the bodhisattva way of remaining in Samsara to help sentient beings.

His right hand holds a mala or prayer beads to represent his ceaseless commitment to help beings.

The mantra of Chenrezig is Om Ma Ni Pad May Hum. It is found on the reverse side of the pendant. The centre syllabus, Hrih is a seed syllabus.

Chanting this mantra brings great benefit, especially if we practice correctly.

  1. Cherish compassion and loving kindness in our heart
  2. Reduce wandering thoughts and discursive thinking.
  3. Observe a moral lifestyle that doesn’t hurt others or ourselves.

I only have one pendant to give away and will send it to you, free of charge, if your email appears first on my inbox after this post is published.

Simply send your request to my email with subject Glass Buddha.

If your email is chosen, I will reply your email and request for your postage mail address. Then I will mail the pendant to you.

May all be well and happy.

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