Morning ritual

What do you do 1st thing in the morning? A question asked many times and with various answers in return.

If you are not aware, lets try recalling.

Many people, may talk about putting on their glasses, getting out of bed, brushing their teeth or drinking a glass of water. They thought about their 1st physical action.

For a practitioner, the regaining of consciousness to their surrounding is the 1st thing to do. It is the process of waking up in Samsara. “Plugging into the matrix”

Then it is our 1st thought, our 1st emotion, our initial state of mind.

Are we feeling lazy or feeling anxious?

Are we feeling resentment because we need to work? (Aversion and the mental state of wishing that it would be nice if we don’t have to work)

Are we feeling angry or happy, perhaps influenced by our dreams.

Are we desiring something? Wanting to enjoy certain pleasure for the day? Looking forward to our favourite lunchtime sandwich already?

Within that one minute of becoming awake, are we aware of all the things going through our mind?

This morning “check up” ritual is important because it shapes our day. If we have a partner in bed, it will affect our facial expression. Is it a smile, a frown or a deadpan bitch face?

As the emotional tide rushes over us, it will shape our feeling for the day.

All these thoughts are Karma. It may also lead to a corresponding speech and actions. That creates further karma. In return, we will reap the result thrown back at us by others.

For a practitioner, this ritual of a mental check up is meaningful. Be aware of the desire and aversion. Do not let the mind run amok. do not feed the desire and aversion. Remember where we left off in our practice. Perhaps you may recall your mantra and start the mental recitation. Perhaps you can start being mindful of your thoughts. Perhaps you can start your visualization practice. Regardless of methods, focus the mind and the mental energy. Be glad there is a new day to live and strive.

Buddhism teaches us to be our own master for our happiness. This step is important for taking control every morning.

If you read this, try it tomorrow. Awake yourself with mastery over your mind the next morning. Have fun and hope you like this practice. May all be well and happy.

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