Buddha nature

We hear this word being thrown about many times in the Buddhist communities.

For many of us, it is a fuzzy idea that we all have a potential to become a Buddha.

Some people describe it as similar to a dormant seed waiting for the right condition to sprout.

Some describe it as an intrinsic and original state of mind, like a sun that is momentarily being covered by clouds.

All in all, we are taught that there is a greater good within all of us. A state of enlightenment waiting to unveil itself to the world.

Meanwhile, how does this idea help us?

When we believe that we are a Buddha to be, waiting for the right time to become. A ‘ta-da’ moment….

We believe that we can be of greater good. We believe that deep inside us, is a Buddha, free from selfishness, free from human weaknesses. That itself is an encouragement for us to become a better person.

While we practice and become aware of our current imperfections, we are patient with ourselves. We are sometimes even amused by how we stumble in the fave of craving and desire. Ice-cream! Pasta! Etc etc.

How we can be so selfish because we are deluded by a false sense of an imperfect self.

We have faith that deep inside us there is a Buddha. A bright boundless mind waiting to be recognised.

Until then, we have this hope and faith that we can be better.

May all be well and happy.

Inspired by a moment of desirous eating of my Saturday breakfast. Yummy.

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