Nature trek in Singapore

Introducing a new nature park in Singapore. It is situated in an abandoned village that had since been reclaimed by the tropical forest. It used to be a rambutan ( a type of tropical fruit) plantation and the abandoned fruit trees have attracted wild life such as monkeys and birds.

The best way to reach this park is by taxi or Grab. Modern toilet facility can only be found at the entrance area.

The park opens from 7am to 7pm. After dark, there isn’t any light in there and wild animals are likely to roam.

I explored the park at 7am, on a cloudy day. The misty cool forest made the trek pleasant and soothing.

There are various route to follow and it is advisable to wear trekking shoes or sports shoes. Some of the dirt tracks and paths are slippery because of moss. Therefore, walk mindfully.

Since it used to be a village, some ornamental plants have found their space in the wild too.

Spotted a wild boar with her piglets in the woods.

The route are well defined and color marked to make it easy for urban people to explore. Do not wander off the standard route because this area is also near a dense tropical forest. There had been instances of people getting lost in it for days.

Trails are clear and color coded. This is the red route.
Abandoned houses dot this area because it used to be a village. Signs with interesting information can be found along the various routes and they provide greater insights about how life used to be.

This place is worth exploring if you visit Singapore and wish to experience our nature and wildlife. The best time to visit is the early morning because the tropical sun can be very unforgiving. Bring your own water supply or an empty bottle to fill up at the water fountain (entrance area). Stay hydrated. Check the weather for thunderstorm forecast before going there too.

May all be well and happy.

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