The Wonder of Buddhism – part 1

I was reminded of my initial attraction to Buddhism recently.

When I was young, I had opportunities to encounter various religions. As a believer of these religions, the subject(s) of worship is almighty and high in heavens. One is taught obedience, respect and fear; to be a worthy servant, to serve the purpose of divine being(s).

The wonder of Buddhism is that we can all become Buddha!

Mankind is no longer condemned to a role of servitude but given the opportunity to rise and become Buddha. A state that is beyond divine. A state that is so extraordinary that it transcends the highest heavens.

What is even more wonderful is that, Buddha shared his method of enlightenment with mankind. He spent his human lifespan, teaching everyday. Thus, leaving us a legacy of wisdom that many people had attained. A living and verifiable spiritual wonder that continue to yield results up till this very day.

With Buddhism, we no longer need to remain as a lowly sentient being.

The wonder of Buddhism.

May all be well and happy.

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