Be a lotus – flower

The lotus flower symbolise purity because it is untainted from the mud that it grew from.

Our practice should be like the lotus flower. Although we live in this mundane world, our Buddhist practice should be untainted by it.

For example, if we engage in meditation practice to impress people because it is fashionable. Then it is tainted. If we go around telling people that we observe the Buddhist precepts because we wish to give others a good impression. Then it is tainted. Such motivation and mindset doesn’t bring us far.

When we practice Buddhism, it is for enlightenment. During our daily life, we can remind ourselves about the lotus flower.

It opens in the sunlight day time and closes at night during darkness. Likewise, we should try to associate more with wisdom and shun ignorance.

When our practice is pure, it gives of a positive ‘scent’ of Dharma. This scent will leave a mark and positively influence others. In Asia, people will put tea leaves in lotus flower. That way, the tea leave become scented.

The lotus seed has an enduring quality. Scientist has successfully germinated lotus seeds that are 100 years old. These beautiful blooms are thriving in certain Japanese and Chinese parks or temples.

Likewise, when our practice is good. The seed of enlightenment is already planted. Waiting for the right time to bloom.

Our confidence in enlightenment should remain firm.

The lotus seed has medicinal properties and can also be used as food. Likewise, we should share our practice with others when people come seeking or needed it.

One of the best thing we can give, is the gift of Dharma. This is because it brings wisdom into their life. A seed of Dharma leads to a future Buddha.

May all be well and happy.

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