Be a lotus – leaf

When we look at a lotus flower, we are captivated by the flowers and do not notice the leaves.

Lotus leaves are round like a plate and in Asia, we use the lotus leaf like a wrapper for food. It is durable and water proof.

In such circumstances where it is used by the society, it functions as aa all purpose food wrapper. Regardless of the content, the lotus leaf embraces it without breaking. It can be pungent garlic or fragrant rice, even a dead fish, there is no difference to the leaf.

Likewise, when we are in the society, we meet different people and have to work together with them. There are people whom are agreeable and also people who irks us.

When we associate with people, we should try to practice equanimity. We try to embrace and accept people for who they are without breaking our mental tranquility. This also applies to situations.

In this practice, the catchphrase is ‘Let it happen’ that means no fear, no elation, no aversion and no longing in our mind. We interact with people and situation with impartial acceptance.

To do that we need to practice mindfulness. When we do that, our true dharma nature will surface.

If we do not lose our true nature, the fragrance of our nature will automatically leave its mark on others. This is especially so during stressful moments. While others are agitated, our true self will be composed, calm and kind.

When we wrap food (people) with lotus leaf ( our practice) and place it in a steamer (stressful environment), the fragrance of the lotus leaf will infuse the food with its scent too.

Such is the power of positive influence over others. There is no conscious effort to impress others. We just need ti focus on practicing well.

In its natural state, the lotus leaf does not cling on to water droplets. Water droplets glide off its surface.

Likewise, we should not let the daily matters cling to our mind and affect our practice.

We teach our mind to let things slide away. What is past is in the past, it becomes a memory, a delusion. We let it glide off our mind. Let it go.

Another lesson from the lotus.

May all be well and happy.

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