Nezu shrine Azalea festival

The flowers are amazing at this shrine during its blooming season. (Normally late April) If you pay a little fee, you can enter the little park to view the flowers up close and take in the view from different angle and heights.

See below

I noted the good energy when visitors first encounter the sight. Bright smile and also delightful laughter!

After that, a visit to Yanaka Ginza is recommended. About 20 min walk from Nezu shrine.

See the various stores and eat some local street food. Especially from vendors with a queue outside their stores!

Traditional stores selling rice crackers.

Uncooked Rice store. They pack into beautiful packs once you buy them.

Nice quirky deco on the stores

Nice potato croquettes with beef. So tasty that I forgot to take a pic.

I wandered into a small temple and was rewarded by this.

Nice stone carving with talismanic script that says, wonderful dharma lotus sutra.

Then I visited Tennoji which is nearby, to admire a big bronze buddha

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