Exploring Aomori

After spending the morning in Seiryuji, I returned to Aomori.

Lunch is at the famous Furukawa fish market, The best way to enjoy sashimi is to get it fresh from a reputable market.

You see the shop keeper shucking fresh scallops and slicing salmon.

Start your gastronomic adventure by buying coupons at the main cashier.


The coupons come in 2 types. 5 stamps coupon cost 650 yen and the 10 stamps coupon cost 1300 yen.

The various stores in the market sell small portions of seafood for your meal.

The 1st thing I did, was to browse the market and take pictures. That way I can take mental notes on which stores sells the most succulent scallops or thickest slice of salmon.

Next, I bought my bowl of rice with 1 stamp. Then I started filling up my seafood bowl from the various stores. Some pricier seafood like sea urchin sells for 3 stamps. Here’s my completed seafood bowl.

When it comes to raw seafood, freshness is the key.

Final step is to find a seat and enjoy! The experience is fun and the seafood is awesome! Price wise, definitely a deal when compared with Japanese restaurants back home.

Next stop is Gappo park. I heard that 200 sakura tree is in full bloom and there’s a sakura event there.

Gappo park is a coastal neighbourhood park. Street food stalls were set up but half of them were not opened for business during the afternoon. I guess they will open at night. This event ends at around 22:00 during the Sakura festival.

Admission is free and you get to enjoy Sakura blossom and sea view.

Lots of open space for picnic under the Sakura. Definitely for the locals and not touristy crowded. I was the only foreign tourist, I think.

Gappo Park
2-chōme-17-50 Gappo, Aomori, 030-0902, Japan

To get there, just take bus no 2 at bus stop 2 in the Aomori Bus terminal station. I use Google map to help guide me get off at the correct bus stop.

The electronic signage in the bus also alert you on the next stop. Takes about 20 min from Aomori station.

If you want to enjoy picnic under sakura trees near the sea, then you might want to consider this park.

I was a bit underwhelmed because of the hundreds of sakura trees at Hirosaki yesterday. I just hang around for 30 min and decided it was too boring for me. So I returned to Aomori station.

The locals were still enjoying their food and sake under sakura tree.

TEA Time!

A beautiful cafe to enjoy the afternoon in Aomori city. Writing my blog and enjoying my cake with coffee. This place is Chandola cafe.

The last thing to do is try the curry miso ramen with butter! A love it or hate it affair.

In the cold evening wind of Spring time Aomori, I voted love it. Warms me up with its queerness at 870yen for a large bowl of piping hot noodles.

Ajino Sapporo Oonishi

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