The Buddha Brothers

Traditionally, a Buddhist Shrine setup is always in odd numbers. They are arranged in a manner where there is a central figure for focal point. We see a central Buddha flaked by Bodhisattva on each sides or arhat on each side.

Therefore when I saw 2 buddha side by side, in a pair during my vacation in Seoul, I couldn’t help taking a photo. Especially the modern posture of an arm around each other. Brotherly love. Yeah!

Notice, the Buddha that are standing outside Seoul temples seems to wear a hat? Seems like a hat to me…. anyone has any clue?

twin buddha

I google 2 Buddha and found the following



These statues symbolize¬†Sakyamuni¬†Buddha¬†preaching the Lotus Sutra¬†as¬†revealed¬†in Chapter 11¬†(Beholding the Stupa of Treasures)¬†of the¬†Lotus Sutra.¬† They are an¬†Odaimoku¬†tower inscribing¬†‚ÄúNamu¬†Myoho¬†Renge¬†Kyo‚Ä̬†in the center, a statue of¬†Many Treasures Buddha on the right side and a statue of¬†Sakyamuni¬†Buddha on the left side.

I am not sure if there is any relation between the two pictures. Wished I had paid attention to check for plagues with explanation instead of busy clicking away at the camera…

Anyway for now, I have to settle for this explanation.

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