The unshakable ground

When something pleasant or profitable occur, we are aware of it but remains unmoved. Maintaining a mind that is peaceful or in sync with our mantra. Likewise when we are praised and honored, at the height of fame; we remain steadfast.

When unpleasant situations or a loss occur, we are aware of the situations but remains unruffled. Keeping a mind of tranquil poise or a mind in sync with our mantra. Likewise when there is blame and ridicule, even when everyone avoids us, we remain steadfast and calm.

How are we to do that?

Because we know that all conditioned situations in life, no mater good or bad; will come to pass.

Since it is like a dream or an illusion or like a mirage or like a movie, we keep our mind in peace and remain steadfast.

This is the practice of unmoveableness. It is a mind of equanimity. One of the higher state of spiritual being.

Keep calm and carry on.

May all be well and happy.

Inspired by lokkadhammasuttam. A discourse on worldly condition.

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