Rebirth through attachment


I am going to recount 2 stories. One of my own and another by a Thai Buddhist nun.

We had been taught that attachment is one of the primary force that drives us towards rebirth after death. Here’s a story that was narrated by a Thai Buddhist nun and you are free to form your own conclusion.

This nun lives in a meditation centre and was very diligent in her meditation practice. She had a niece whom was very close to her and would often visit. The nun looked forward to her niece visiting her, talking to her and sharing her mundane problems with her. The elderly nun would then lovingly dispense advice.

However, during one of her meditation session, she noticed a spectra cord coming out of her body. In her meditation, she followed the spectra cord and soon arrived at the home of her niece. That spectra cord was connecting her to her beloved niece.

When her niece visited her that week, she received news that her niece was pregnant.

Subsequently, the nun noticed that the spectra cord had become more visible during her meditation and she consulted with her meditation master about her vision.

Her teacher reminded her that attachment is a cause of suffering and rebirth. He advised her to renounce attachment and use her mental focus to break that spectra cord during her meditation.

After a few tries, the nun succeeded and felt a sense of calm renounce and relieve washing over her.

When her niece visited her again, she was informed that her niece just had a miscarriage. It was in the early stage of pregnancy and that day coincided with the nun successfully breaking that spectra cord.


My story is nothing but a dream that I had recently.

I was wondering and contemplating about rebirth before falling asleep. I was pondering about emptiness and rebirth and how on earth could someone eneded up being reborn an animal…..

That night was a very deep slumber for me and the dream was so vivid that I just want to share it.

In the dream, I was walking along a back lane of a row of shops. Almost like an out of body experience. Very vivid. Then some comotion caught my attention, and I walked through a door.

Next, I found myself in a pet shop where a mother dog had just given birth. A few people were crowding around and exclaiming “how cute. how adorable”

I joined in and was peering from behind them. The sight was so lovely; cute puppies were cuddling and suckling. I became memerised by the sight.

Then someone pointed out a little pup and said ” that one is too weak”, and was trying to nudge that helpless pup towards its mother’s tits.

I leaned in closer and was drawn towards that little weak puppy. It was just an instant. Very fast. My concern and wish to physically help transformed into something physical!

I was nudging myself towards warmth and food. Then I tasted sweet milk! At that very instant, I felt a deep sense of dread,

I can recall mentally shouting “Oh shit!” as I tore myself away and was praying real hard. I remembered shooting out of the door and waking up. (5 am)

The immediate thought was ” It just take one moment of non mindfulness for rebirth to take place. That’s how easy it is.”

I quickly got up from bed and headed straight for my meditation cushion. Thankful for that experience and lesson.

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