Mantra jog

Workout time is also time to test concentration on mantra keeping.

I enjoy running on treadmill with music plug to ear. Each step is accompanied by a syllabus of a mantra.

So when I decided to say the Mani mantra for that workout. Om ma ni pad me hum. Then each step is one letter.

The challenge is to keep mindfulness of the mantra while jogging on tread mill.

So today was quite a failure as my monkey mind is just so happy running about.

Trumps news on TV distracted me. The blonde in tights distracted me. The guy with better muscle distracted me. That song reminded me about 2012 distracted me.

Each time I just have to acknowledge my monkey mind and bring it back to the running and mantra.

By the way, I do mental recitation of mantra so that I do not to cause disturbance.😀

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