Refrain from Falsehood


Musavada veramani sikkhapadam samadiyami

I undertake the precept to refrain from incorrect speech.

Chanting of 4th precept

Starting from me, I abandon falsehood

May the world also end deception. May there be truth.

Our speech (including what we post on-line) has an impact on others. Do we promote tranquility and simplicity of life or do we promote hatred and confusion?

The wise people treasure correct speech and they appreciate the positive power of correct speech. The speaker and the listener brings forth an immediate positive change in the vibe.

With modern technology, our word spread far and wide. Shouldn’t we spread wisdom and love to make this world a better place?

In observing this precept, we try our best to abstain from divisive speech that sows discord in people’s mind. We refrain from abusive speech that brings about anguish in other people & last but not least we refrain from idle chatter. If our words cannot become useful to others, let us keep the noble silence.

Reviewing the above, it seems to me that much of these virtues are considered weaknesses in our modern world. Values are attached to people who made the loudest noise or who can capture the most attention.

As a result, people start to employing the simplest way to gain such recognition. That is by saying things that play to the negativity fetters present in all of us. Namely greed, hatred and ignorance.

Let’s us try to change this world one person at a time, starting with ourselves. Let us try to observe correct speech and share it’s positive energy around.

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