Pumpkin Soya Milk Shake

This soya milk shake is fantastic for someone like me, whose stomach is not very tolerant with diary product. Say goodbye to the bland boring soya milk!

This recipe is believed to be good as a diabetes preventive drink after meal.

It has Anti-oxidant, “cooling” , stomach cleansing property based on Traditional Chinese Medicine.


180 gm of pumpkin (without skin)

20 gm of green bean (soaked overnight)

50 gm of soya bean (soaked overnight)

1000 ml water

Rock Sugar to sweeten taste (moderation recommended)


Slow cooked for an 2 hours.

Then blend to a fine texture.


If you own the fantastic blender/cooking device like in the video. You don’t have to soak the beans overnight. Just wash them, throw all ingredient into the blender (EXCEPT the rock sugar) and the drink is blended and cooked into a nice smooth shake in less than an hour.

I bought this machine from China via Taobao and inclusive of delivery to Singapore, its less than SGD 120. One of my best kitchen investment!

You can also use a soya milk maker to create this wonderful drink.

Like all things in this world, moderation is recommended.

Hope you enjoy this drink.