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Buddha Speaks of Amitabha Sutra – Part 24

舍利弗!如我今者,称赞诸佛不可思议功德. 彼诸佛等,亦称赞我不可思议功德,而作是言:释迦牟尼佛能为甚难希有之事,能于娑婆国土,五浊恶世,劫浊、见浊、烦恼浊、众生浊、命浊中,得阿耨多罗三藐三菩提,为诸众生说是一切世间难信之法。 Just as I am now extolling the inconceivable merits of all the Buddhas, all those Buddhas are likewise extolling my inconceivable merits, with these words: “Shakyamuni Buddha is able to carry out a most difficult and rare task. In the world “Endurance” [this world], in an […]