Sleep Well


Have you ever had trouble going to sleep? It was difficult last night, for me.

One of my master ever said that going to sleep each night is like dying everyday. The day is finished and you rest. To be reborn again the next day.

So when I have problem resting for the day, I ask myself what is keeping me awake.

Unfinished work in the office, anger with somebody, anxiety about the future, diappointment, excitement with new ideas and more.

Usually, it is an over active mind engaged in the past or the future.

When I recalled my teacher’s words, I told myself. ” If this is really my dying moment, I wouldn’t be going in peace.” 😁 Let’s not make it a habit for the mind to cling to stuff.

I asked myself if all my worries and thought is important if I were to die tonight?

The answer is no and suddenly all worries, thoughts, concerns become insignificant immediately.

Then I draw my mind towards the presence. AWARENESS.

Appreciate the bed, appreciate the blanket, appreciate the slowed breathing. Appreciate the peace. Appreciate the opportunity to rest. Enjoy the slow breathing.


The body takes over to heal itself for the day.

To sleep well is to let go.

Hope this will be useful.