The beauty of Impermanence

I visited Yeouido Park on 3rd of April 2023 (Monday) and the Sakura trees were in full bloom and the branches were heavily clad in Cherry Blossoms. Exiting the subway and a little walk will bring you to a park. But this is not where the Sakura tunnel is. Instead, head towards the Han River. The Hundreds or thousands of trees are lining the road parallel to the river. That is where the actions are.

Yeouido Park

The sky was blue and a blazing sun hung in the sky. All the winter gloom had evaporated! What a wonderful day for picnics! I imagined Monday would be an ideal time to visit because everyone will be at work, but guess what?

It seems that the various companies situated at this financial hub had the same plan too! Office workers in groups of 5 to 10 were marching to the parks with their bosses in suits and pulling small cartloads of picnic stuff. Festivities were in the air and the park was occupied by groups of office workers letting their hair down. I think they were enjoying extended lunch break or taking half a day off work.

Instead of a peaceful park, I experienced a rowdy crowd enjoying the arrival of spring. People would go Wow in unison when a strong gust of wind came by. Hundreds or thousands of Cherry Blossom petals would take flight and float in the sky like a pink and white magic carpet. Sakura Blizzard! I finally got to experience it! Although spectacular, I found it impossible to capture the sights with an iPhone camera. For anime buff who had watched the series Bleach, it is Senbon Sakura in real life. 😊

Nobody thought about impermanence as we were intoxicated by merry making, food and beer. The falling petals became a source of entertainment instead. Our state of mind does influence our feelings after all.

Yeouido Park is huge and you can rent a bicycle there to explore. A river cruise company provides various cruise options to enjoy the Han river. Expect lots of sun at this time of the year because the trees are sparse nearer to the Han River. If sitting under the blazing sun is not your cup of tea, then you are better off exploring the Sakura Festival at the end of the park. Just follow the main road and signage along the way.

Han River
For Korean Drama fans, you’ll recognise this place 😊

To escape the Sun,there are various restaurants at the various office buildings. The IFC mall and Hyundai Mall that are nearby also provides many options.


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