Kālāma Sutta – Part 4

Continuing from previously,

And of that Master Gotama this fine reputation has spread: ‘He is indeed a Blessed One, worthy, & rightly self-awakened, consummate in knowledge & conduct, well-gone, a knower of the cosmos, an unexcelled trainer of those persons ready to be tamed, teacher of human & divine beings, awakened, blessed.

Continuing from previous. Let’s cover the next word in this verse:

Consummate in knowledge & conduct – to put this simply, it means that Buddha was extremely well-versed in what he taught. He also practiced what he preached in a consistent manner. In that manner, his knowledge and conduct are peerless and faultless.

well-gone – primarily, it means well-gone from the mundane and secular to arrive at the spiritual and religious. This is a basic expectation we have of the religious figurehead. In that manner, Buddha was no longer interested in money, property, relationships, etc. At a deeper level, it means departing from Samsara to arrive at Nirvana.

knower of the cosmos – This had also been translated as a knower of the world. Primarily, it means knowing how the fabric of society functions. For example, Buddha understood what causes suffering in our world at the social level. At a higher level, it means Buddha understood the secret of the world and the cosmos.

an unexcelled trainer of those persons ready to be tamed, – This epitome or description of Buddha resulted in the Chinese Translation of Great Hero. Thus, in a Chinese Buddhist Temple, the main shrine with Buddha statues is named the Hall of Great Hero. This shouldn’t be misunderstood that Buddha conquer or force anybody to convert to Buddhism. According to Buddhist scriptures, Buddha only teach those who are ready to understand Dharma.

Teacher of human & divine beings, awakened, blessed. – This final phrase describes incidents in Buddha’s life that are still celebrated by Buddhists today. In the ancient world, there was no electricity and during the night, light sources are limited to oil lamps. When the celestial beings visited Buddha for teachings, strange glow and lights will appear near the monastery area. These strange sightings of bright lights descending to Earth were witnessed by villagers and city folks. Thus, it was widely celebrated that Buddha was a teacher of Gods. In some sutta, the gods revealed themselves during Buddha’s sermon and were introduced to humans who were present. This is worth a special mention because other preachers did not have similar acquittances with the gods.

To be continued.

May all be well and happy.

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