Wat Asokaram

This temple is dedicated to Phra Acharn Lee after his parinirvana. Acharn Lee was a disciple of Acharn Mun and one of his renown miracle was the manifestation of Buddha relic during meditation retreat.

To reach wat asokaram, we need to take the green line Sky train to Kheha station. (Last station) Then we have to take a taxi or book a car through Grab in order to reach his temple. And for the return trip, you will have to use Grab to get a transport out.

Wat Asokaram
+66 81 148 9285

But I think all this extra effort is well worth the trip. One of the highlights is the 13 prang pagoda building. Inside this building are various statues of accomplished monks, together with their relics. For a Buddhist, this is as good as meeting these past great masters in their physical form.

Sarira relic
Acharn Mun and his relic
Main hall

I think this is one of the temples in the world with so much relics on open display and veneration. It is a meaningful trip for me.

May all be well and happy.

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