RC cruise – Spectrum of the Sea

Spectrum of the sea is the latest cruise ship to be stationed at Singapore’s Marina Bay Cruise Centre. You can get there by subway and the Cruise centre is 10 minutes walk from Marina South Pier station. I wouldn’t recommend this if you have bulky luggage.

I signed up for the 5 days 4 nights cruise package (SGD 800 approx) that will start from Singapore, followed by a port of call at Malaysia’s Port Klang and Penang. After that, she will sail back to Singapore on the 4th day and arrive on the morning of day 5.

Embarkation starts at 11.30am and it is best to do so around this time because this ship can hold 5622 guests and everyone will be heading to the Windjammer buffet restaurant for their lunch. You have to find your own table at this restaurant.

Being the 1st batch to board this ship means you will have ample choice of seats in the restaurant. Once the restaurant is packed with people, you will have to suffer the consequences of hunting for empty tables that are newly vacated by diners.

Imagine the families of hangry people stalking newly vacated tables like vultures and dashing for them amidst the wailing cries of hungry children. It’s a bit nightmarish.

Besides this little bit of inconvenience, Windjammer does offer a wide spread of food across various cultures.

Carving station in Windjammer

You can start dining at a fine restaurant thence if you prefer. Be there at your allocated dinner time and you will always be seated at a table that is specially reserved for you, to be served by your dedicated waiter. And if you are feeling very hungry, no one will stop you from ordering 2 starters, 3 mains, and 5 desserts!

Restuarant for fine dining

The food in fine dining does not really overlap with dishes available at Windjammer. If you like stuff like steak, stewed lamb in reduced wine sauce, roasted tomato soup, etc. Then this is where you want to have your meals. And yes, vegetarian dishes are available too.

In addition to these restaurants, there are hotdogs, sandwiches, and pizza stalls that operate throughout the day. That way, you can always grab a snack anytime you need one. It is an endless supply of food and drinks. I guess that’s how life in heaven is.`

Sandwiches and pita with pulled pork
Sunrise from my balcony.

I stayed in a stateroom that comes with a balcony to enjoy the open sea whenever I want. On the other hand, there are so many entertainments on board the ship that you hardly stay in your room anyway. Initially, I had planned to do meditation on the balcony, but guess what? Too many distractions from the onboard entertainment kept me from sticking to plan. Weak effort huh?

The typical room layout is as seen in the picture below.

If you pay an extra USD60, you will get an “Ocean View” stateroom. That means they swap the position of your bed with that blue couch! I think that’s a bit of overselling, isn’t it?

The two bottles of drinking water on the dresser are only available on the 1st day! After that, you will have to pay for them! I brought my own water bottle to discreetly refill at Windjammer. Otherwise, you will have to go to any one of those free dining venues for a free drink. But if you have money to spare, their drinking packages will provide you a nice tumbler to get your fill of soda at designated spots.

Port Klang in Malaysia is a remote port of call and there is nothing much to see there. It is recommended that you sign up for a day tour package if you decide to disembark there.

On the other hand, Penang is a joy to visit. Georgetown is filled with shopping and dining opportunities, with many wall arts for that insta-worthy moment! If you enjoy Chinese food, then the traditional eatery Teksen is a must to visit. Eating the dishes on their own will be a bit saltish because they are meant to be taken along with steamed rice. The Assam Prawn and Plum Sauce Chicken were my favorite dishes.

wall murals : Cendol
Unique shopping
My Insta-moment
Unesco site: Chew Clan Jetty. Resourceful Chinese Immigrants avoided colonial taxes by building their homes on the sea.
One of the many cafes in Georgetown
Free books at public kiosk. you may donate a book too.
Traditional biscuit shop
Biscuit peddler cart from olden times
Stir-fried Chinese noodles made from rice flour. Known as Char Guay Teow here and Padthai in Thailand.
Wall mural art titled: “I want bao” It allows you to pose interactively with them
entertainment on board the ship
Swimming deck on the ship

The bumper car was fun. I made the fatal mistake of screaming “Nooooooo” when I saw a heavy-weighted guy coming directly at me. Unfortunately, that made him very happy! After that, he made it his mission to smash into my car with glee, whenever possible.

Being chased down by a Mr. “Sumo” wasn’t my initial plan for the bumper car ride. But I guess that made it memorable.

Overall, it was a fun and relaxing cruise trip.

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