Buddha and Bodhisattva

Pictorial introduction of 88 Buddhas – part 1

The repentance prayer to 88 Buddhas is known to be efficacious for removing “bad luck” or challenges in our life. In that prayer, one invokes the names of 88 Buddhas and by taking refuge in them, one earns enormous merits to improve the karma for a better future.

The following are pictorial representations of the 88 Buddhas and this series will showcase the Buddhas gradually. To find out more about the 88 Buddha repentance prayers, please refer to my previous posts.

南無 普光 佛
Namo Samanta-prabha Buddhaya
Namo Universal-illuminating Buddha

This Buddha purifies all our evil Karma and enables us to experience the light of Buddha’s wisdom. One need not fear retributions and will be freed from all worldly hindrances.

南無 普明 佛
Namo Samanta-prabhasa Buddhaya
Namo Universal-radiance Buddha

Anyone who takes refuge in this Buddha will successfully and speedily overcome ALL their ignorance to become enlightened. One shall be freed from the evil influences and disturbances caused by malicious sprites, spirits, demons, ghosts, evil gods, and any other similar entities.

南無 普淨 佛
Namo Samanta-vimala Buddhaya
Namo Universal Purity Buddha

Taking refuge in this Buddha enables one to realize True Purity and thus obtain a pure form and a Pureland. One will be cured of all mental illnesses, illnesses carried by the various elements, and illnesses caused by voodoo, black magic, and such.

To be continued….

May all be well and happy.

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