Praying for Mundane success

If you had been reading my post, then you would probably be familiar with my nagging about Buddha not being a god and therefore, is not responsible for granting wishes. Here’s a post to balance it off.

Let’s face it. Life has many challenges. From earning a living to keeping ourselves healthy. Sometimes, we cannot help but wonder why some people seem to have all the luck in the world; while we seem to face one obstacle after another.

If you have been in the Buddhist community for a while, you may also notice some newcomers seemingly changing their luck for the better. Somehow, their life seems to improve by leaps and bound after practicing Buddhism.

Since Buddha is not a God that dishes out punishment and reward, why are there such lucky situations occurring?

The key word is KARMA. Cause and effect. Everything that is taught in Buddhism help us create good karma. Good karma attracts positive results and that is often mistaken as “Good Luck”

Taking Refuge in Triple Gems

This is the 1st powerful step; provided you have that unshakeable faith that is build upon the right understanding of Triple Gems (Buddha, Dharma and Sangha). It turns on a switch in our mind that is full of positive thoughts. Foremost, fear of the future is removed when we take refuge in the Triple Gems. Next, we have confidence about our present and the future. It is like taking the 1st step up the stairs of success. From a esoteric perspective, it also garner support and protection from many Gods and Goddesses who had converted to Buddhism.

Observing the precepts

The precepts are designed to flip positive switches in our mind too and they have an immediate effect on people around us.

  1. Abstain from harming all beings (including insects and pest) – This remove ill-will from our mind and people will feel at ease around us. Naturally, people will be more cooperative with us and thus, attracts success in life.
  2. Abstain from stealing – This remove covetousness from our mind. People will trust us and not be threatened by a “hungry” mind.
  3. Abstain from sexual misconduct – This remove lust and promiscuous energy from our mind. People will be respectful towards us.
  4. Abstain from lying and harmful speech – This remove falsehood from our mind and our words will start to carry weight. By avoiding harsh and harmful speech, we attract friends and become amiable with many people.
  5. Abstain from intoxication – Makes our mind clear for decision making.

In addition to the above, we also practice loving kindness, compassion, charity, patience, diligence and etc. All these qualities make us a magnet that attracts positive people into our life. Once we surround ourselves with good helpful people, life will definitely improve.

Buddhist practice improves our intuition

When we are confident (taken refuge) and familiar with wholesome conduct (observe the precepts), we slowly grasp the “energy” or “vibe” that is associated with GOODness. This ability is magnified when we practice mind training like meditation or chanting. No matter how well somebody pretend or package themselves, you will have that ability to “feel” their mental vibe and see through their disguise.

For advanced practitioners, they may even sense the energy of situations and places. Thus, allowing them the wisdom to avoid nasty events or places.

Praying for success

When our mind is focused by our Buddhist practices; our prayer or intent becomes stronger too. If we are practicing correctly, then our intentions in life is rooted in goodwill. We are focused and diligent. We pursue our mundane goals with right conducts. All these are already giving us a head start to fulfill our wishes.

In addition to that, our positive mental energy also attracts higher class of beings. (aka heavenly gods and goddesses) Although we do not specifically pray to them; they will keep a look out for us in life too.

Below is a little mantra pdf that includes the 10 minor mantra that is recited in Chinese Mahayana Monastery. As can been seen, there is also a mantra that invokes a Goddess who had converted to Buddhism. In addition to the ten minor mantra, I have also included mantras that invoke the help of the 7 past Buddha(s).

We can say these mantra once or thrice every morning before we start our day. Remember not to treat them as magic spell but think of them as reminder for us to be good throughout the day. For example, if we chant the Medicine Buddha Mantra, it should remind us to take precaution against Covid-19 virus. So, remember to wear a mask outdoor (even when we are vaccinated)

May all be well and happy.

Note: mantra of the seven past buddha is taken from

The other ten minor mantra(s) are from various sources.

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