August Free gift

In case you are wondering why I am giving free gift. click here

This month’s free gift is the image of Amitayus, the Buddha of Longevity.

Amitayus is actually another name of Amitabha and it means Buddha of eternal life. This is mentioned in the sutra, “Buddha speaks of Amitabha”. According to Mahayana beliefs, Amitayus or Amitabha also protects us from untimely death. This is possible if certain mitigating factors are present to defer one’s untimely death.

We wish to prolong the life of our precious human body because this body is best for attaining enlightenment.

Besides our human life, a Buddhist also aspire to have a long Buddhist Life. We hope that our practice of Buddhism will continue infinitely until we gain enlightenment. In that way, death and rebirth will not disrupt our practice.

I only have one pendant to give away and will send it to you, free of charge, if your email appears first on my inbox after this post is published.

Simply send your request to my email with subject Glass Buddha. (or fill up the form below)

If your email is chosen, I will reply your email and request for your postage mail address. Then I will mail the pendant to you.

May all be well and happy.

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