Movie recommendation – Kumare

This is one documentary movie that I would recommend to anyone who is keen on exploring a Guru-disciple relationship. Guru is a term that is much associated with Tibetan Buddhism. But that doesn’t mean it is absent in other form of Buddhism. In Chinese Buddhism, we address our close teacher as Shifu (loosely translated as master) and in Thai (Acharn- teacher, lungpor- grand father) and Sri langka (bhante- venerable)

All these terms demonstrate a power figure, who we would wish to rely upon. Someone who has our welfare in heart; someone who is willing to pass their skills and knowledge to us, someone who can offer us protection, and etc.

Like any relationships, it takes two hands to clap. For most of us, we are focused on demanding. That means our expectation of the Guru. Few of us actually examine ourselves and ask, “Why do I need a Guru or what am I looking for in such a relationship?”

If you have not watched this movie before, here’s the Youtube link. you can activate the auto caption generator by clicking on the CC option in Youtube.

Do you see a glimpse of yourselves or others amongst the people who were his disciples?

Happy weekend and may all be well and happy.

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    • Glad you enjoyed it too. It is interesting to see how attachment and reliance build up in the guru-disciple relationship. Then that turns into wisdom for some while others became angry in the end.
      Which is why in Tibetan Buddhism, we say the real Guru is in our mind.
      And in the Chinese Mahayana system, we say attachment to form is attachment to Mara.


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