Living for ourselves

When we live to please others, we are encumbered by their expectations. We want to appear good and desirable in front of them. In the chaos of all these, we loose sight of our originality. We loose our lives.

The followings are some meaningful advice by Master Huili from Taiwan. Hope you will like them too.

I cannot control the length of my life but I can decide on its depth and spectrum.

In another word, we can decide how we want to live our life, no matter how long it is. The color of our existence is entirely up to us. If we allow others to color our existence, then we no longer own it. If we are burdened by people who color our life gray, the Buddhist practice of letting go can give us that courage to walk away.

Although we have countless rebirths, human existence is precious and not guaranteed. Therefore, live each day preciously and live it well.

I cannot control the weather but I can change my feelings.

Many things happen in life and hit us in the face suddenly. Not all of them are pleasant surprises. When we planned a picnic and it rained, we can choose to make the best out of it. We can choose to be happy instead of sulking the day away.

Many times, children are the best teacher. I saw a group of youngster hiding from the rain under a tidy rain shelter. Instead of sulking, they invented games to keep themselves entertained. Their laughter filled the air and they were just happy. It didn’t matter that the beach and fields were wet. It didn’t matter that their clothes and shoes were wet….

Naturally, unpleasant surprise in life is not limited to bad weather. However, how we choose to react to life’s situation will affect the quality of our life.

I cannot change my physical appearance but I can choose to smile.

A smile is the most beautiful thing that can adorn our face. If the people we know value our physical look more than our smile, then we should seriously consider whether they are true friends.

Our smile reflects the beauty within us and that beauty is something that needs to be developed. A optimistic frame of mind that is positive and kind.

I cannot control others but I can master myself.

That is the Buddhist approach to relationship. There is no need to engage in tiresome manipulation or winning favors. Instead of trying to influence others or control them, why not master our mind to arrive at eternal peace and happiness?

When we shift our mind to focus inwards, we are less bothered by people or becoming disappointed by them. By living for ourselves instead of others, we learn to live life to the fullest.

In that way, we will not regret for not having lived our own life,

I cannot predict the future but I can make full use of today.

Living is just each breathe in each moment. It is simple and beautiful when we learn to live wisely. Make use of our time wisely and do what we want to do. The future will take care of itself base on the karma that we create today.

Although I cannot expect everything to go according to my wishes, but I can choose to do my best in them.

That is how we choose to live to our best and avoid regrets.

Adapting to situations and trying hard to do whatever we can. One day at a time. The same perseverance should extend to our spiritual practice.

If we are too busy with work and can hardly afford time to sit and meditate, then simply thinking about Buddha and taking refuge is good enough.

Be it in office or worksite, when we feel frustrated, just think about Buddha. Calmness, patience, compassion, wisdom, kindness, balance, power, all the various good qualities of Buddha. Take mental comfort in our refuge. This is also a Buddhist practice.

Some people have a favorite Buddha and we will simply call their names in our mind.

Hope the wise sayings of Master Huili inspire you too.

May all be well and happy.

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